The shirt is just the start. is a clothing line that was created in early 2018.  The apparel is  inspired to arm Christians with thought-provoking, ice-breaking, conversation-starting designs on a stylish silhoette.  The subtle, simple messages on the shirts will help the wearer testify how good God is, speak His greatness, and strive to live more in His image.

The Classic collection

With the deep messages, dope designs, and unlimited potential of this line, is bound to be a success.

Vince R. (Dallas, TX)

Totally pumped about this new line!  A modern, stylish brand of Christian clothing has been missing from the marketplace.  Love the way it spurs conversations about Christ!  Hard to choose my favorite design!

Shelley B. (Argyle, TX)

This is such a cool idea!  These shirts will definitely help me witness to friends, family, and even strangers!

Doug S. (Denton, TX)

Shipping & Handling is dedicated to get your order(s) to you within approximately 10-15 business days from the online purchase date.  To be completely transparent, however, this IS our first rodeo.  So, please be patient with us as we fulfill your order(s) and send them out - via USPS - free of charge to you, for continental U.S. orders.  We greatly-appreciate your business!

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